Die acht Brokate (German Edition)

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Tunnistatko kuvan miehen? Vajoavan rivitalon omistajat saivat armonaikaa MTV. Katso julkkisten vuosikirjakuvat StarsInsider. Koulujen laittomat maksut lopetetaan ja rahankeruu muuttuu Uusi Suomi. Maailman omituisimmat tapahtumat ja festivaalit StarsInsider. Katso viikon horoskooppi! Suomen Tesla-tehdashaaveet murskautuivat STT. Enjoy some cleansing breaths.

Stand up straight and tall. Lift the head. Tuck the chin inward a little.

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Loosen Up , Soften, Merge and Relax. Feel yourself sinking and rooting into the Earth. Free up the mind, reduce thinking, forget, become outside more. Wu Ji is the fertile nothingness that precedes Yin and Yang, an empty and free state of being conscious, the still place before movement, the Zhong Ding of the Tao, a stop-rest-pause stop, an orgasm of the Chaos of Emptiness at the Big Bang, a transition point in the exercise routine, etc.

When you see the opposite, examine yourself. Return to the Main Index. Step out with your left leg into a comfortable and wide horse stance. The toes should point at about 45 degrees to the outside. Hands are relaxed by the hips. Gradually lift both arms up to your shoulders, palms facing down.

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Continue gently lifting of the arms well above your head, palms facing each other. Then relax the shoulders, let the arms come down, palms facing down. Your palms should be open, with your fingers slightly apart, and relaxed. Draw the arms down the sides of your body as you squat down and bend your back. Bring both hands together, palms facing up. Imagine energy from your body intermingling with energies from the Earth through the Yong Quan Bubbling or Gushing Well acupressure and acupuncture point on the front center of your feet.

Yong Quan is an endpoint on the Kidney meridian.

Imagine scooping up some water from a lake or the ocean. Inhale as you draw the arms up to your face. Draw both hands, palms up, up the center line of the body as you rise up out of the squat and straighten the upper body. Imagine spashing cool clear water on your face. Draw the arms above your head, turn the palms upward, press out and upward, stretch the arms upward. Hold at peak for 4 seconds. Imagine the energy of the air, sky and the Heavens filling your lungs and whole being. When your hands reach your face, turn the palms to face outward.

Raise both hands up until you reach your forehead. Press your arms upward and outwards in front or your body. The arms should press out at a 20 to 45 degree angle from the body, do not force to press the arms straight up. Keep your wrists bent so your fingers point to each other. Gently stretch the whole body upward as the arms press upward.

Rise your heels up slightly as your hands reach their maximum height. Keep your head looking forward as your arms move up, keep a wide angle focus to your eyes, and follow your hands with your eyes. Imagine energy from your body intermingling with energy from the Heavens through the Lao Gong Palace of Labor acupressure and acupuncture point on the center of your palms.

Lao Gong is connected with the Heart and is a pericardium meridian endpoint. Stretch your arms up to the limit of your comfort zone, then begin the downward cycle of the movement. Movement Tips: Turn the palms outward and down as you circle both arms out and down. Continue to slowly exhale as your arms move down. Return your feet to a flat footed position. Gently tighten your abdomen as your exhale. When moving your hands down imagine moving energy from the Heavens and from your head and lungs down the front of your body into your waist area - into the center of your being in your Dan Tien or Field of Elixir about three inches below and behind your navel.

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Keep your head looking forward as your arms move down, keep a wide angle focus to your eyes, and follow your hands with your eyes. Keep both hands in your field of vision as your hands move down. Begin to squat and bend forward as the arms reach the legs in their downward arc. Draw the arms down in front of the body as you squat down and bend your back. Generally, inhale when moving up, exhale when moving down. Make adjustments in your breathing as needed. Repeat "Pressing the Sky" 2, 3, 6, 9, or 12 times.

Whatever number of repetitions are chosen for the first exercise should be duplicated in each of the other exercises. Return you left foot back into the Wu Ji position to rest and realign the body-mind. Breathe naturally a few times. These are often called "cleansing breaths.

Isrun Engelhardt

Don't squat. Remain standing up straight during the whole movement. Bring the hands to the Dan Tien waist area with your palms facing up.

QiGong - Die 8 Brokate für Anfänger

Draw both hands up the center line of the body, palms up. Inhale while drawing the hands up. When the hands reach the face area, turn both palms and face the palms outward and slightly upward.

Mishandled Mail: The Strange Case of the Reting Regent’s Letters to Hitler

The thumbs can touch the forehead. Begin to exhale. Press both arms up from the forehead, keeping the wrists flexed and the palms facing out. Press up the arms has high as you can. Raise the heels slightly. Stretch upward. Also called "Supporting Heaven" or "Holding up the Void. Allow the arms to trace a graceful arc downward. Exhale completely on the way down and begin to inhale. As the arms come down, the palms face down. When the hands reach the waist area, then bring the hands back to the center line, palms facing up.

Breathe in when lifting arms up, breath out when pressing upward. You could stretch to the left side and then right side with the arms extended upwards. Some teachers have you interlace your fingers as you move your hands from the forehead upwards. I think that the squats or deep horse stances of Drawing the Bow 2 , Punching with Angry Eyes 6 , and Pressing Up to the Heavens with Two Hands 1 give the body a more challenging workout.

Their movement concentrates on the shoulders, arms, upper back, and chest muscles.

Die acht Brokate (German Edition) Die acht Brokate (German Edition)
Die acht Brokate (German Edition) Die acht Brokate (German Edition)
Die acht Brokate (German Edition) Die acht Brokate (German Edition)
Die acht Brokate (German Edition) Die acht Brokate (German Edition)
Die acht Brokate (German Edition) Die acht Brokate (German Edition)
Die acht Brokate (German Edition) Die acht Brokate (German Edition)
Die acht Brokate (German Edition) Die acht Brokate (German Edition)

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