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Faith Life

I ended up not pulling the cards out of my pocket and just started speaking.


My speech took a different path than I had rehearsed and I did not really know why until I had a lady come up to me afterwards and tell me that I had said just what she needed to hear that day. At that point, I knew that I was being moved by the Holy Spirit. Take time to reflect on the impact that the Holy Spirit has in your life. Please share how and when you have felt His presence. I would like to start out by saying how much I appreciate the support of my blog over the past 7 years.

I am inspired by how much you have shared my posts and I am gaining subscribers from all parts of the world. Please continue to share my posts to your friends and family that can benefit from what you read. When you are driving down the road, what are you paying attention to? Hope fully not a cell phone or other distractions. Are you enjoying looking at the beauty of nature and everything around you or are you just paying attention to the road?

How much do you look at the signs? Whether it is the exit signs or the billboards, what is it that you are looking at and paying attention to? I love looking at nature. I am driving through the rolling hills of Tennessee and Alabama.

Customer Obsession

All the hills are covered with trees and everything is green right now. It is a beautiful sight.

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I think of everything that God has done and has He has created for us to enjoy. But are we enjoying it or just driving through? There are two things to think about on our road trip. One is to stop and think about God in our lives and all the good things that He has done and has put in front of us that we see. How much do we appreciate it?

Eric Kaufmann - Faith (Four Virtues of a Leader)

How much do we thank God for it? The other thing is all the signs. There are signs that try to convince you to do this or that you need to do this.


If I want to get to a city, I need to exit here. I need to pay attention to those signs. But the other signs, that advertise all sorts of stuff that we do not need in our lives. There are some signs that we must pay attention to and others that we can ignore. He gives us plenty of signs of where we need to go or what we need to do. Or do the distractions and sinful areas of our life catch our attention and we take away our focus on God?

This week I would like you to think while you are driving to work, going out on the weekend for enjoyment or a trip. Stop and think about God in your life. Think about everything that He has put before us to enjoy. Are you really enjoying it, appreciating it and thanking God for it?

Also, pay attention to the signs. Pay attention to what He wants in our lives. Pay attention to what is good and not to what is evil. I have run several races over the past several years and have felt that feeling on occasion. Whether it was a time goal or deciding that I was going to run a half marathon straight through without walking any of it for the first time, I was relying on my mind to talk me into staying the course and pushing through the doubt.

This past weekend, I volunteered at a 5k race. I have not been a spectator at a race, so it felt kind of weird to not be participating. It was a tough hilly course for the experienced runners, let alone the non-runners that wanted to support a great cause. As some of the later groups of people were coming down the last quarter mile of the course, I could see that they were drained and just wanting to finish.

They were willing to just walk it in and be done with it. I challenged myself to give them a little motivation at the end of their run to take their mind off of their doubt in their ability and be able to run across the finish line with a big smile on their face and the feeling of success. I joined them on the course and challenged them to run the last 10th of a mile to the finish line.

I told them that I would run it with them. When they thought they did not have any energy left, they were able to pick up the pace and run all the way to the finish line. When they crossed the finish line, I would run back and find the next person to motivate to run in the last stretch. A long time friend told me after the race that I should write a blog about the experience. She said that having that extra motivation at the end made all the difference.

We can apply this approach to so many areas of our lives. How can you give someone just a little bit of motivation to reach their goals?

Is it a co-worker that is struggling and just hearing a few words of encouragement from someone helps them through a tough time? I have a friend that has thought about opening up a business, but has talked herself out of taking that leap of faith. I know that she will be successful and maybe I can provide the encouragement and the right words to nudge her to the finish line. So many times we think we can do it alone, but it is that extra level of encouragement and support from our friends and family that makes all of the difference.

I challenge you to see how you can motivate and encourage someone this week. You may never know how much it affects them. Have you slid backwards away from your goals? Have you put on a few pounds that you had recently lost? When I was running on a regular basis, I was getting stronger and faster. My health was getting better as my weight was going down. As I reduced the amount that I was running because of other priorities or excuses of why I could keep up the regiment, I noticed my strength going down.

I could not run as far or as fast. My weight started to creep up. It did not take a long time to slide backwards. I also realized that if I focused on my goal again and put that effort back in that I used to have, I was able to gain back the strength and run the distances again.

Morality and religion

I started to get stronger. Have you backslid as a Christian? Most adult have at some point in their life.

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  4. It could be that during your college years or early adult life, you quit going to church. You still had faith but did not have that continuous feeding to strengthen it. It might be that you had a routine of doing daily devotions or praying the rosary and then you had a stretch that you quit doing it.

    When you backslide, you lose some of what you had previously gained. At a minimum, you lose your momentum. Maybe you slipped away even further. That is no problem. Just come back to God and continue your spiritual growth.

    Thomas L. Phillips, Raytheon chief who was guided by his faith, dies at 94 - The Boston Globe

    We learn from the parable of the prodigal son, that God welcomes us back with open arms and celebration. The younger son asked his father for his share of his inheritance and set off on his own. Poor decisions and misfortune caused him to lose it all and found himself with nothing left including anything to eat. He humbled himself and went back to his father. I am no longer worthy to be called your son. The father said this. When you realize that you have done this, Set your eyes back on Jesus and you will see Him with open arms waiting for you to come back.

    The full parable of the prodigal son can be read in Luke Are you growing spiritually, or have you been in a state of regression? Remember, backsliding is not just going backward; it is a failure to go forward.

    Faith Guided Leadership Faith Guided Leadership
    Faith Guided Leadership Faith Guided Leadership
    Faith Guided Leadership Faith Guided Leadership
    Faith Guided Leadership Faith Guided Leadership
    Faith Guided Leadership Faith Guided Leadership
    Faith Guided Leadership Faith Guided Leadership
    Faith Guided Leadership Faith Guided Leadership

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