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Yet, it is impossible for me to avoid connecting the looming catastrophe confronting Carolinians and Virginians with the existing catastrophe that arrived at Pennsylvania Avenue almost 18 months ago.

Byard evaded the question. Between one who consistently denounces racism and xenophobia and articulates broad democratic values, and one who cannot tell the difference between white supremacist and neo-Nazi marchers, and anti-racist counter-protesters?

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Do you think there is an important difference between a Justice Department that investigates police abuse and one that greenlights police abuse? Between one that takes seriously civil rights and voting rights law enforcement, and one that proudly declares that it is scaling back on these things? Do you think there is an important difference between an EPA that perhaps halfheartedly enforces environmental regulations, and one that boldly declares that it will permit the release of poisonous methane gases into the air we all breathe?

We have endured hurricanes for decades and indeed centuries. At the same time, it is very well known that the hurricanes that now regularly cause havoc and destruction cannot be understood without attention to global warming and the rising sea levels it causes; the haphazard and irresponsible politics of coastal economic development that causes new disasters waiting to happen; and the extraordinary deterioration of our public infrastructure, a deterioration that mirrors the decay of our public life more generally.

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At the same time, whatever happens, Trump will claim credit, and once again declare, i. Jeffrey Isaac is James H. A mother told last night how she thought she was going to drown as she slipped beneath the surging waters brought by Hurricane Dorian.

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Lanell Laing, 31, had fled her home in High Rock, Grand Bahama, to try and take shelter but the house she fled to filled with water and she and her year-old son, Aaron Turner, spent the night clinging to a roof. Her story emerged as the Telegraph last night became one of the few newspapers to make it into the east of Grand Bahama, one of the worst hit islands in the region. The roads, some of which were torn to shreds by gusts of up to mph, have been passable for less than 24 hours as the first supplies started to be brought through by friends, neighbours and those who had fled.

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The community of around were counting their missing. Around 14 people were known to have been in their homes when the hurricane hit. He appeared to have been torn from his home, which lay in a pile of rubble that was discovered metres down the road.

M s Laing said that as the water started to pour in she grabbed Aaron and her friend's baby and put them in a cupboard. But she soon realised the flood was rising too fast.

Hurricane Season: 4 Final Thoughts

Suddenly she too was grabbed from the water by her neighbour and managed to grab hold of the top of a door. T hey spent the whole night with their heads pressed against the ceiling gasping for air as the storm waters swirled around them.

Now they are relying on the kindness of friends whilst they wait for the government to bring them food and water. They have no power as the pylons lie broken across the roads.

Comforting Our Thoughts In A Continuous Blue - House Vs. Hurricane
Hurricane of Thoughts Hurricane of Thoughts
Hurricane of Thoughts Hurricane of Thoughts
Hurricane of Thoughts Hurricane of Thoughts
Hurricane of Thoughts Hurricane of Thoughts
Hurricane of Thoughts Hurricane of Thoughts
Hurricane of Thoughts Hurricane of Thoughts

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