I Was a Mafia Child

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But it was the day he charged the younger brother of a minor he had jailed years before that he decided to take a drastic step: separating children from their mob families and moving them to a different part of Italy to break a generational cycle of criminality. Since he began taking children away from parents convicted of mob association in , Mr. Di Bella has separated about 40 boys and girls, ages 12 to 16, from their families, in an approach that has proved as controversial as it has been effective.

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The rest of the children are put into foster care, but Mr. Di Bella said that none of the children he had separated from their families had since committed a crime. The Justice Ministry in Italy has just codified statutes so that Mr. Some are appalled by the strategy in a country where family bonds are so cherished. Even Mr.

Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (For A Season Cover)

Still, he says, since he started separating the children, fathers have written to him to thank him for it. Children have told him they feel liberated. Mothers ask if he will do it for their children. Specialized in international drug and weapons smuggling, it is the No. Some minors end up in the program after committing the so-called symptomatic crimes, like gang violence or setting police cars on fire.

Others become full-blown mafiosos at a young age. The Reggio Calabria juvenile court has sentenced about minors for mafia association and 50 for murder or attempted murder since the s. Di Bella. After the children are moved to a different Italian region, the authorities can try to create the conditions for an ordinary childhood. In the last two years, mothers have started to turn to Mr. Di Bella, in the hope of saving their children from an inescapable destiny of death or prison, and sometimes to escape mafia ties themselves.

Psychologists and social workers work with the children constantly.

Italian judges removing children from mafia families are right to think long term | The Independent

After they turn 18, the children can then choose whether to go back to Calabria. Arafat Abou-Chaker was, however, immediately arrested again in the courtroom, under the direction of state prosecutor Petra Leister, for "conspiring to kidnap minors, inciting others to kidnap minors, and to cause serious bodily harm. Read more : Mafia, bikers, clans: Europe's crime gangs. The mass-circulation Bild newspaper reported that the Berlin police had been tipped off by the surprise testimony of another family member: an unnamed female cousin living under witness protection in Denmark.

On the Run: A Mafia Childhood

This was apparently to be an act of revenge after Bushido cut ties with the Abou-Chakers in March Happier times: Bushido second from left poses with mob boss Arafat Abou-Chaker third from left at a film premiere in Bushido is currently under police protection. I don't believe in that.

The police are your team now! While there was no indication any of the arrests were tied to statements Bushido may have made to police, the accusations were may have been enough to drive the rapper to increase his personal security. Rammo's protection service is, according to insiders, likely to be costing the rapper and label owner a large percentage of his income, and could carry its own risks, should the Abou-Chakers and the Rammos ever reconcile.

The year-old Bushido, one of Germany's most successful rappers and a celebrity for over a decade, was once Arafat Abou-Chaker's business partner and for many years faced accusations that he was "owned" by the mafia boss. Various media reports suggested Bushido, whose given name is Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi,had to pay Arafat Abou-Chaker protection money in exchange for managing his career and driving rival rappers out of Berlin. Read more: Why gangsta rap's aggro style appeals to the masses.

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In fact, it goes beyond the status of friendship. It's not that I got involved with certain people, but we became what we were today. It wasn't about getting advantages. Bushido also briefly harbored ambitions of founding a political party and running for the Berlin state parliament, and he even completed an internship in the Bundestag office of Christian Democrat politician Christian von Stetten in In his FAZ interview, he called for the abolition of the euro.

His lyrics have often been accused of expressing far-right extremism, misogyny, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and anti-Americanism. Read more: German rapper Bushido tones down vile rhetoric in image remake. Police have been unable to find any trace of the coin since it went missing in March The controversial rapper and his wife have broken their silence, saying they are free of the German-Arab mafia clan run by Bushido's former business partner, Arafat Abou-Chaker.

Here's a list of some of the most prominent organizations. Italian and German police have launched raids against suspected members of the Sicilian Mafia, according to officials. Suspects nabbed in Germany have links to Turkish clans and Calabria's 'ndrangheta, authorities say. Germany's most infamous gangsta rapper is making headlines again.

But this time, it's not because of an offensive comment or a banned record - its because he seems to be growing up. Rap musicians Kollegah and Farid Bang are provoking outrage with their racist and anti-Semitic rhymes — and the controversy only seems to make them stronger.

Why does Germany's youth identify with battle rap? Police in Canada and Italy have arrested at least 23 suspected members of the 'ndrangheta mafia, in a joint operation.

I Was a Mafia Child I Was a Mafia Child
I Was a Mafia Child I Was a Mafia Child
I Was a Mafia Child I Was a Mafia Child
I Was a Mafia Child I Was a Mafia Child
I Was a Mafia Child I Was a Mafia Child

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