Instructional Design for Web-based Training

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If we start rating these learning trends on a heat scale, immersive experiences, Virtual Reality VR , and Augmented Reality AR are pretty much on fire. We already mentioned applying artificial intelligence to further personalization.

Building with Learner Experience in Mind

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which started with written content and static images, saw their real-time video distribution features explode in popularity. The more mature ahem, in age among us will remember sitting in a sad conference room, watching an onboarding or safety video on VHS.

These days, CreativeLive and others offer full-length, lecture-style videos for learning. On-demand video libraries allow learners to search and find specific topics and how-to videos that meet their just-in-time needs. Low-cost animation can also help with marketing learning programs—in this case, making the case for WIIFMs. All of us now have a video camera in our pocket, and distribution is free and easy, so these leanring trends will surely stay in focus.

Instructional Designer

Do you truly care about making people smarter? If you do, our experts suggest that you should make applying data science to learning your focus in With all the options for digital and online learning, are we seeing a decline in instructor-led training?

Our experts say no. Virtual instructor-led training vILT also offers cost savings while retaining the live connection to instructors and peers. But the downside of vILT is that the audience is no longer captive in your physical classroom, which leaves them exposed to attention-grabbing devices, email, and pinging chat requests. To combat this, a trend on the rise is integrating mobile devices in the virtual classroom. We recently developed a custom application for a client that allows facilitators to push games and networking activities to learners via their phones.

And—just like that—you regain their attention.

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In blended learning, we often see a flipped classroom in which eLearning prework includes knowledge-based content and the classroom portions focus on skills and practice. This shifts the role of the instructor from delivering a lecture to supporting and coaching learners as they practice new skills. With these new modalities and technologies, the demand for creativity is at a fever pitch. Where does creativity come from?

Instructional Design & Learning Special Interest Group

And how can we help upskill Instructional Designers and eLearning teams? An Instructional Design trend on the rise is applying the creative strategies of design thinking to building more engaging and impactful learning experiences. At SweetRush, we distilled the principles that create a foundation for creativity in our work.

Many organizations are taking the time to look at their culture of learning as a whole, as well as the efficacy of their existing programs.

Instructional Design Portfolios – 34 Well-Built Samples ( Update)

But none of these trends exist in a vacuum, and the most successful organizations will consider how to best use them in an integrated, holistic way. It means creating a tapestry of experiences: training modules, curation, social media and feedback, events, and continuous data analytics to understand where people are at and where they would like to go. How can we help you? Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong.

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Design meaningful, memorable, and motivational e-learning programs.

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Description: Designs and develops training curriculum, courseware and tools for web-based training for end-users and on-line resources. Identifies and implements improvements in training curriculum and courseware using standard testing methods, needs analysis, and methods of redesigning training programs.

Instructional Design for Web-based Training
Instructional Design for Web-based Training
Instructional Design for Web-based Training
Instructional Design for Web-based Training
Instructional Design for Web-based Training
Instructional Design for Web-based Training

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