Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck

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So there is a lot to the power of positivity, the power of being present and refusing to give up, and not allowing the negative experiences of the past, or anxiety over what the future might bring to interfere with your ability to take some positive action. And this comes back to the point, that the present moment is actually all that exists, it is all we have. So if you stop for a moment and think about the hole that you are in, and just allow yourself to critically think on whether there is any small thing you can do right now to make this moment a better one, to take action now in this moment that might have a positive knock-on effect in your life, that has to be a positive form of self-help.

These things make a difference. I also appreciate it is much harder to take these steps when you are on your own. This is why it is so important that we reach out to others and take the time to listen to them, offer any help and advice we can and try to motivate them to keep going, not give up the fight, and realise that they do have potential to fulfill and that there is a way to make life happier and more enjoyable even if the past has been very dark.

I agree with Chuck that sometimes, most tines, this type of advice is meaningless if you have really taken it on the chin in life. At 66 years I have the same experiences. I am now homeless, broke, alone, and in chronic pain. I was a wonderful husband for 24 years — to a woman who turned out to be a covert narcissist who divorced and estroyed me when I developed heart problems. Cancer, stock crashes, crime, falls and injuries that affected my ability to do my profession — despite 3 degrees and 8 years to be able to be an architect.

Now it is just me broke, alone, and with my cat for company. Still, I was robbed of everything I earned and my health is not what it used to be. It makes a puppy love breakup or just losing a job seem minor. There are clearly circumstances when a run of bad luck that is completely out of your control hits you with one thing after another, and no positive mantras or philosophy is going to make you feel better. You have been dealing with awful circumstances, but there may still be a chance to find a place of acceptance, and ultimately some happiness. Maybe not.

In addition to medical help, stay motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes diet and exercise to assist the body in healing. Let food be thy medicine. I totally agree with Joe and Chuck. All these positivity-focused theories that bring you happiness, that give you what you attract, …, and if you are doing good nothing bad can happen… Sorry, naive. But what we do know is that by and large nothing positive comes out of constantly being negative. Of course there are people who just have extraordinarily bad luck, and anyone of us can get struck down with a blow of bad luck at any time in our lives, be it a breakdown of a personal relationship, the loss of a job or even a terminal illness.

... and how to make your own luck.

But I know from personal experience that refusing to take ownership of the situation and blaming everyone else, blaming my upbringing, blaming my parents, blaming society, blaming my boss, etc. Doing so means that you will not only achieve greater things in your own life and be more likely to fulfill your potential in your endeavours, but you will also become a more valuable person to your friends and family, for whom you can be a rock to lean on in times of need.

Of course, we can all sit around and mock the theory of positivity and the theory of the law of attraction and so forth.

But the reality is that while you are doing that you could be taking action to improve your life or the lives of others. By improve your life I mean really set about being the best person you can be and improving your current situation. Every situation can be improved, no matter how bad it is, even if only slightly, day by day. And if they have, probably dumb luck got them over it, not karma, not practicing meditation or whatever other BS they claim got them through. My bad. But I took the risk to get more money and better benefits but the place ran me off with very weird drama.

Right on brother, right on.

Ten easy steps to happier living | Life and style | The Guardian

I am battling the worst demons of my life right at this moment thanks to my ex wife, i have lost really really big. I feel like hanging myself sometimes but the thoughts of my kids will not give me the courage…. I too have been fighting demons all my life. I admit self help does not work for everyone. Its not easy admitting you need help and that things are going badly. The self help advice is there to educate and guide not to cure people. It takes the reader actually using that information to help themselves in a way that suits them.

Its a tremendously difficult thing to do. Personally meditation and mindfulness saved my life. This led to me being able to finally accept that I had a narcissistic parent and what had gone on was not personal but their issue.

This led me to another self help site that has meant I can maintain a relationship with them without feeding into their illness and not getting emotionally pummelled. The meditation was useful with my chronic illness. Life is tough and all self help should be adapted to fit each individual by the individual. With life and anything written, it can be looked at, lived and taken with a pinch of salt. To those who dislike self help and this article…Fine.

Nobody is forcing you to agree with it. So please if its not for you just move on. Count your blessings that there is a pension. Including me and my husband. Everyone has it hard.. Perhaps it is to create a stronger alliance with your true nature. Perhaps it is to pay off some karmic debt. Perhaps it is for no reason at all and is just the stuff of life. In any event, you do have a choice.

Guide Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck

And your attention to your process and inner state is strong. And we are sadly impoverished in that way it seems. Thank you Brett. I appreciate your kind words. I find that in situations like this, making connections with others really boosts morale and opens up an air of positivity and opportunity, even if just through the comments here.

Empathy is a great healer. Thank you for the inspiration. I have been going through my own doldrums lately, but am now determined to come back swinging. Good to hear that you are on the up again, or at least determined to be.

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I think there is truth in that; these experiences make us wiser and in turn give us the knowledge to help others when they experience troubled water. I also recommend Kundalini Yoga.

The Relationship Between Happiness and Success

Thank you for your suggestions Mui. Just wanted to say your timing with this post is impeccable. I needed your message today. Any other day would not have made such an impact. Keep fighting my friend.

We shall all fight together! I realize it is not the easiest thing to do been there a few times: but the alternative is worse….. Best of luck as you continue on your journey!! Absolutely Diane. Best of luck to you too. Thank you for sharing I am glad you have great sources of inspiration your family to keep you going. As long as we have breath in our body and desire in our hearts we can pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and do what we need to carry forward.

You are already ahead in so many ways that you shared in your post. You are blessed to be loved and be able to love.

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Why Do I Have Bad Luck? 2 Simple Things to Change Your Destiny

You have a beautiful gift with words that touches others lives. Words are very powerful and it appears to me you are aware of their power when you write. I have no doubt that you will become even more than before your set back. I read your other posts. Keep doing good. You seem to me that you will find the life lesson in your event. I wish you the very best. Dear Alfred, My late mother used to say that things happen for a reason, which you can only realise after the event.

I used to think that was no help at all , but events have proved me wrong. My husband and I decided for purely financial reasons that we had to sell our family home of forty years and move nearer to our daughter and buy a smaller house.. Every fibre of my being screamed NO! We had bought the house ,which was a wreck but, bit by bit, had turned it into a wonderful home. And, honestly, it had been my saviour through some rocky years in our marriage. But deep inside I knew it was the right thing to do.

Three years later, after many trials and tribulations, I am happier than I have been for many years.

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Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck
Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck
Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck
Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck
Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck Love, Wealth and Happiness When You Cant Rely On Luck

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