Odysseus: His Americanization

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This fiction is a historical epic concerning an illegal immigrant who chases the "American Dream". He achieves it at the expense of his heritage and perhaps his soul. This Odyssey starts in an immigrant neighborhood but evolves into a journey with university avant-garde students. Their dead end road leads him to the American Business School geared for middle management. Here, he steps into a new mind-set. He evolves through the corporate ladder, but a corporate buy out throws him unknowingly into a den of Latin American Espionage and trading weapons for cocaine. When he arrives back to Chicago he becomes a business mogul with all of the trappings of the rich and famous.

September 11 shakes him up. ISBN: Odysseus: His Americanization Nickos J. Odysseus - Livre. Following results are shown. You might want to adjust your search critera , activate filters or change the sorting order. Books with keywords like print on demand, facsimile are filtered excluded with this option. Although nothing close to the scale of Paul Simon's debut, this production is a miniature version of that titanic disappointment. The author has described this work as a compressed version of Homer's experiences of Odysseus.

The narrative is framed as a performed poem. A singer named Blind Billy Blue replaces the Greek chorus. The play is about a man who is trying to return home after being away for 10 years and must overcome all the obstructions put before him by Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Lost at sea after conquering Troy, Odysseus encounters a series of challenges of his journey home, most famously that of the Cyclops.

In this version, for example, the Cyclops is a totalitarian dictator, as the isle of Scheria is the setting for a '60s beach party. These updates and physical transformations are meant to suggest that in Walcott's mind at least, the Aegean and the Caribbean possess parallel cultural realities. Executing such a cultural transformation is no small thing.

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The layers of translation and adaptation, eventually, and perhaps inevitably, obscure the essential. Meant originally to be committed to memory and sung to listeners raised on the legends, by the time this epic has been dramatized, Americanized, and modernized, what we get is a nearly incomprehensible mess.

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The direction by Edward Berkeley and musical staging by Hope Clarke lack coherence and meaning. The actors seem to wander the stage, bumping into one another, upstaging each other, turning their backs to the audience, in an inarticulate version of the musical Hair , but without the music. The music by Cesar Manzano is itself inoffensive, but is allowed to drown out the actors who have enough trouble speaking Walcott's dense poetic language.

The poem describes the obstacles faced by Odysseus, varied tests of gods that he had undergone, his affair with nymph Calypso on the homecoming voyage, and his return to his kingdom. I had done everything I could in the beginning of the year to get respectable grades and be accepted into all the schools I wanted, just so I had every possible option available to me. It had been one of my top choices, and I was tremendously disappointed.

Although I have now accepted that I have no chance of attending McGill this upcoming Fall, it was still painful.

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The prime example of this is Helen. In insert line section etc Helen uses her power of words to convince Menelaus to allow her to live. Menelaos; her affair caused many deaths and Odysseus would not have had to leave home if she had not run away with Paris. The other sister also caused pain and suffering by having an affair and then killing her husband, Agamemnon, with her lover on his homecoming day.

The seductress is always looked upon as dangerous and harmful to mankind. The Seirenes symbolize this role; their song seduces and compels anyone listening to linger until death. Kirke tries to seduce Odysseus before she helps him, and the.

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As the time begins to wind down students began to cast their vote for spring fling king and queen. Once the winners are announced they must dance in the middle of the floor to the school song. Them as we do every year we form a circle around the king and queen and we say the school chant. Once all of these things are complete the students.

These products were promoted on his show with his sisters Deana and Brenda and nephew Tony among the featured testimonials on the show. Phil married his first wife, an ex-cheerleader and homecoming queen named Debbie Higgins McCall, in , when he was 20 years old According to her, McGraw was domineering and would not allow her to participate in the family business.

She claimed that she was confined to domestic duties, which included lifting.

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Spike Lee 's portrayal of black women coincides with those negative Hollywood stereotypes by first portraying most women as Jezebel 's. The term, Jezebel, is coined from the rebellious, Phoenician Goddess, Jezebel, who became a queen of Israel, and was killed for going against all the rules of the Israeli kingdom. When she was faced with death, she put on her most formal wear and painted her face to await her murder by a man named, Jehu, who came to take her power. She can be described. The tale of Odysseus' homecoming is chronicled in The Odyssey. The most important outcome of the Trojan War is that it resulted in the founding of Rome and of its dominance that would grip the world for several years.

One of the Trojans, Aeneas, was able to escape the sack of. This was far more than the nearest competition.

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The school secretary asked the eighth grade queen to come up on stage and present the money to Principal Willis. When she handed me the money. They never explore anything new or exciting, and fail to challenge their readers or authorities in any way Saltzman High school officials have no problem with their students writing upbeat stores on Homecoming queens or football heroes, but when they step out of the narrow boundaries set for them then the battle begins.

These states include. She now has the ability to actually look at people without feeling ashamed of herself. With all of her new-found confidence Alice ends up becoming the valedictorian, the most popular in high school, and the homecoming queen. Her life turned around because of her self image changed for the better. Everyone experiences bumps in the road during their lives, but it is how you maneuver around. Her smarts, looks, and athletic ability lead her to become nominated for homecoming queen and win, this gave her a sense of great accomplishment and also took her by surprise.

But these happy go lucky times did not last forever. Times progressed things seem to worsen in Centreville. With the Death of 14 year old Negro boy killed by. Sometimes they overlap with jocks, especially when it comes to sports. Maintaining the right image may even make them vulnerable. Unlike the stereotype of "mean girls", preps often get along with everyone. Nerds — they are obsessed and often have superior knowledge or devotion to something.

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  • Other than that it shows the culture of the Greeks wherein if you will court a lady,you should bring gifts. What is the purpose of the many allusion to the legend about the homecoming of Agamememnon?

    In either case, Aegisthus had become the lover of Clytemnestra, and the two together. These pages consist of many different forms of media, including images, text, audio files, and videos. Facebook was started mostly for jocks, nerds, homecoming queen , or anyone that is college bound, Myspace was started for everyone that really just wanted to make friends school or not.

    There are over 1 billion Myspace profiles. Facebook has only 89 million profiles. Students view social networking Web. The myth of how the war between the Greeks and the Trojans began, itself, shows women, in this case goddesses, in an unflattering light, fighting like vain beauty queens over which one is more beautiful. In fact, the very character of these three goddesses is at the least reprehensible and mirrors the conception of many ancient, male-driven societies of women being fickle, disloyal temptresses.

    The Odyssey by Homer - Book 10 Summary and Analysis

    Hera is the paranoid. My senior year finally came and I could not wait for a good year after what I went through my junior year. Everything started off great I was nominated for homecoming queen, I loved my classes, and my friends were amazing. Volleyball season started and we had an unforgettable season.

    We did not lose until we reached the championship of the regional game. Losing that game was enough to make me break again. My volleyball. Every year, instead of homecoming, Gregory High School had a carnival with games and each class had a king and a queen.


    An individual became nominated by selling tickets for money, and the students from richer families were usually nominated because of their advantage to buying tickets. They still had prom but could only. Gulliver on the other hand seems to show signs of incompetence at times rather than extraordinary abilities. For example, when Gulliver decided to urinate on the burning house of the King and Queen of the Lilliputians was a sign of his lack of compentance. A classic epic hero would have used more intelligence to realize that urine would not be the best liquid to put out the fire. These signs of incompetence help the reader realize that in fact.

    The submissive Oriental women and the cruel white man Consider it this way: what would you say if a blonde homecoming queen fell in love with a short Japanese businessman?

    Odysseus: His Americanization Odysseus: His Americanization
    Odysseus: His Americanization Odysseus: His Americanization
    Odysseus: His Americanization Odysseus: His Americanization
    Odysseus: His Americanization Odysseus: His Americanization
    Odysseus: His Americanization Odysseus: His Americanization
    Odysseus: His Americanization Odysseus: His Americanization

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