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Wasting time joining bogus sites or finding that they want money after all can be quite a disillusioning experience. Engelhardt, Tom.

Begin now and, although the process may often be disillusioning and even occasionally painful, you'll have no question why these concerns must come first. The United Nations negotiators may sometimes have shown undiplomatic impatience.

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But they kept the disillusioning talks in being and they made important concessions. Leave a comment Welcome to leave a comment about this page!

Your name: Submit. While some investors and vendors tout Level 4 and 5 solutions, a preponderance of real-world dialog is now around L2 and L2.

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The talks by TE Connectivity and Aquantia highlighted that the auto infrastructure for moving and processing data from extensive sensor suites, in particular LIDAR, is a gating factor that the auto manufacturers will address but in their conservative manner. In contrast, Tesla with over , cars collecting data over a broad area, arguably has much more data for mining best of bred solutions and corner cases in real world situations. So while VC backed firms burst from the gates like Cheetahs drooling for the big game to live off of for years, the near term strategy may call for picking some bite size pieces to feast on in viable application spaces.

We are optimistic that LIDAR will play a material role in mobility sensing solutions, in and beyond auto.


Hype cycle

One colleague from the OSA-OIDA Optical Sensor planning committee did some calculations based on major choices of components that go into a LIDAR unit and choices for market focus and manufacturing processes, estimating there are over product design configurations. Wave 1 of the technology and companies will be followed by another wave.

Many of these Wave 1 firms are hunting in the same fields, or without adequate fuel to get to speed, trying to be a Cheetah. Several LIDAR firms have reached beyond the auto big game to find valuable pockets of opportunity in industrial, avionics and security sensing.

Optical Disillusionment Optical Disillusionment
Optical Disillusionment Optical Disillusionment
Optical Disillusionment Optical Disillusionment
Optical Disillusionment Optical Disillusionment
Optical Disillusionment Optical Disillusionment

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