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And there you have it! That’s our birth plan vision!

If you feel that I offer what you need feel free to get in touch for a free discovery call to go through your needs and how I can best support you. The mental, emotional and physical effects of birth trauma can be long lasting and largely go unresolved, which impacts on life after birth in many ways. Those struggling often have many mixed emotions and feelings but are not sure how to start processing them. So they get internalised and ignored.

Midwife reveals the 20 ways to have an easy labour

In fact they grow even bigger because they are not acknowledged or filtered. My private birth trauma resolution sessions deal with the emotional reactions to your birth experience, rather than the experience itself. This prevents you from being re-traumatised by re-living the experience. So instead the focus of my sessions is on what you are dealing with in the present moment and how we can alter the internal triggers that connect past experience to present emotions.

Following on from the live video I did yesterday about the state of confusion we get into when learning new belief systems about birth, this is a visual guide explaining that process of change as you do your birth preparation and practice. I really felt the fear with some things but accepted those feelings as fe … elings of change and growth and used it as a chance to re-prioritise and re-focus.

Giving birth two million years ago was 'relatively easy'

We get so focused on birth that we easily forget that life after birth also needs to be prepared for Last group course of in Hitchin and discounted places available! Contact us or book your place via our website. I had a brilliant morning this morning with lots of lovely expectant parents to be at The Pregnancy Club social!! What a fab way to start the weekend!

Then we ended the session with a lovely relaxation from Suzanne from Harmony, Hitchin. We look forward to seeing some more mums and dads at our next social on Saturday December 7th which will be a Christmas themed social. Who is due this month? From my own personal experience I would also add fiercely independent, fearless and stubborn to that list.

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NovemberDueDate Pregnancy Pregnant. This is the first time I have been asked to do a photo like this! I was honored and wanted to create something special! Mom said, "4 years, 7 attempts, 3 miscarriages and 1, shots. The next pregnancy social is this Saturday morning at the Secret Garden hitchin ampm.

So yesterday I talked about how our mindset is naturally negative about birth. We are actually strengthening connections in our brain and therefore strengthening our fears and anxieties about birth. Well you keep yourself in a state of anxiety through pregnancy not good for mum or baby while your subconscious mind drip feeds you information fuelling your fears.

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Then on the day that labour starts, your body will put you into fight, flight or freeze mode by releasing adrenalin. This hormone is an instinctive response to fear, so while your body is working amazingly as a protection response, it is also making birth much more difficult for you as the adrenalin slows down or stops your labour. With the right education and support you can change your internal voice and improve your overall mindset and birth expectation so that your hormones work for rather than against you!


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Our birth center clients come Richmond, Norfolk, Williamsburg, Tidewater and beyond. Our birth center is beautiful, simple and fun. The birth rooms, especially, are simple, restful spaces, with luxurious details and medical equipment stored a few steps away in easily accessible closets. The birth center is on nearly an acre, where there is plenty of space to wander in labor or sit and chat with a friend after a class. The Nest, our first birth suite, is the entire second floor of the main building. There is a private entrance so if you are come in in labor during a clinic day or a class, you will have complete privacy.

There is a full kitchen, full bath, a room devoted entirely to the birth pool and birth swing, adjacent to the bedroom.

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Our second birth suite is in a detached building and will be complete in As our renovations unfold, check back here, our blog and in social media to read updates and see pictures and videos. No matter the birth location, our model of care and our values are the same.

A Simple Birth Plan + Why Every Mom Needs One

Safety and inclusivity. Individualized, holistic and evidence based care are the foundation of River City Midwifery. Contact us to ask questions and take a tour. They listened, gave advice that fit my situation and abilities, answered my thousand questions at each visit, and made me laugh and feel safe. Powered by Squarespace.

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  • And there you have it! That’s our birth plan vision!.
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    Simple Birth, The Simple Birth, The
    Simple Birth, The Simple Birth, The
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