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Aspect-related perfect orthodox school Taiwanese ramen. Store list sightseeing spots Access About Us Spicy street.

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Spicy street The extremely spicy menus of the world class using ghost chili assemble in full force. Hotness 2 times as large as habanero, Bhut jolokia With Bhut jolokia, Bangladesh is the red pepper of the production center mainly. Appear by a TV program many times; extreme popularity. Kitchen mom Please have jolokia for for preference respectively.

Wasabi in large servings! Kamo-Sushi To sushi to wasabi large quantities! You can choose three phases of hotness.

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Miso ramen yen Ikoma-ken extremely spicy menu based on delicious miso ramen! Mapo tofu yen Chinese food of the good taste Watatoku Moderate bitterness and seasoning not to get tired of.

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Taiwanese ramen yen Ryushou-ken Golden collaboration of ramen and Bhut jolokia. The extremely spicy cutlet curry is recommended, too! Super extremely spicy Samgyetang yen Shiba-no toriichidai Use the Bhut jolokia level 5!

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It is recommended for an extremely spicy enthusiast! It was located on the old Zenkoji Kaido, a route connecting Zenkoji Temple to Nagoya and Kyoto and prospered as the main business district where wholesale dealers sold their goods mainly sake brewers and kimono merchants.

Many of the historical buildings found in Nakamachi used to function as storehouses. These buildings are called kura or dozo and some are more than a years old. Presently, Nakamachi has a variety of shops including folk art shops, craft shops and restaurants, and cafes, as well as the Kurassic-kan, which was once a sake brewery building, and the Scale Museum which is housed in a former scale shop.

Many of the restaurants allow you to try more local fare. While you will find that many shops are open into the early evening, please note that a number of shops are closed on Wednesdays. The street runs parallel to Nawate Street, which has the large frog statue at the entrance.

The Kurassic-kan buildings were part of a nearby sake brewery built in and The buildings were renovated and relocated to their current location. The main building is often used for exhibition and cultural events, while another has a small tearoom and cafe inside. Kurassic-kan is free to walk around in, and inside you can see its impressive wooden structural beams, tatami rooms and small Japanese garden.

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English website. The museum is housed in a former scale shop which originally opened in and has all sorts of weights and scales, including silkworm sorting scales, on display. This small, homely shrine is tucked away on a narrow side street toward the eastern end of Nakamachi.

When a big fire broke out in and around Nakamachi, this shrine was believed to have stopped the flames from going beyond it, thus the shrine is considered to house the guardian deity of Nakamachi.


Located across the river from Nakamachi, Nawate Street is a car-free zone lined with small eateries and quirky shops where you can buy trinkets and Japanese-style snacks. The street retains its Edo-style atmosphere and is popular with tourists. You will also find Yohashira Shrine along this street. While many of these shops are also closed on Wednesdays, the atmosphere of the old buildings and shrine makes it worth walking down. Opened in February In the summer, also doubles as a Japanese-style shaved ice specialty store that uses natural ice.

A cafe and bric-a-brac store that serves rich, aromatic coffee and generous soft muffins that are definitely worth trying.

Run by a three generation team of mother, daughter, and grandson still only two years old that uses seasonal ingredients to cook home- style food. Besides local Matsumoto dishes, Ayana also boasts a range of Japanese mushroom and sansai edible wild plant This Japanese-style bar is located in a traditional kura-style building and serves seasonal fish and local specials such as sanzokuyaki Matsumoto-style fried chicken.

Appealing to mature tastes, this bar specializes in rum, boasting around kinds. Avid jazz lovers will appreciate the music streaming from the JBL speakers while enjoying drinks. A small cafe housed in a year old kura-style building that offers black tea by the pot, hand-dripped coffee, and baked goods. Check out the historical building from the inside a Our shop sells mainly tableware from different regions of Japan, as well as bags, illustrated postcards, cloth, and folk crafts from other countries.

These handmade arts and crafts are great for personal, everyday use or to give as gifts. Relax in the restaurant with its local, Matsumoto folk furniture. Enjoy a meal with chestnut rice or a cup of tea while you take in the Japanese moss garden and its pond. As souvenirs, the chestnut sweets are recommended. Inspired by the concepts of art and a fun lifestyle, this shop sells craftwork, paintings, and other items by young artists. Enjoy Italian food made using a delicious combination of local vegetables and Italian ingredients. This shop sells natural stone accessories and Japanese-made made glass accessories.

Rental hours from to Ameichi Candy Festival : Nakamachi's portable shrines go around the streets of Matsumoto. Held on a weekend in early or mid-Jan. Tenjin Festival : Fukashi Shrine's lively annual festival where traditional wooden floats, including those from Nakamachi, parade through the streets. July 24th and 25th.

Street to Street Street to Street
Street to Street Street to Street
Street to Street Street to Street
Street to Street Street to Street
Street to Street Street to Street
Street to Street Street to Street
Street to Street Street to Street

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