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You bear all risks associated with any such transactions. Home Corey Dresses. Other Dresses you may like. Banana Republic fit n flare ivory pink blue sz 4P. This Item Is Sold. Purchased used from Gwynnie Bee. Exclusive Corey design. Pop art watermelon print with grey geometric pattern. Opaque scuba material. Zipper back.

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So it was somewhat a disadvantage. I hope we get to see more of Kentucky in some form. Although I live in a mid market city myself I guess it should give me hope that they can pretty much pick any city or area now for Top Chef for a little local flair LOL. The theme parties can be done anywhere and all it takes is a nice summer backdrop and a few local things to make it a possible destination.

I feel bad that Crooked Hat made all of those dumplings only to dump them in a plastic cup with the ubiquitous coconut foam that always looks like foamy loogie to me. I think he said that he didn't want to make frou frou food but foam says super frou to me. I love fancy food sometimes but I hate foam in a cup. I'm still upset that Brian spent the entire time in that hot tub carving ham and sweating his balls off. At some point you have to just realize it's not as funny or impactful as you thought it was, get your ass out of the hot tub and go work the crowd.

He was the only person with the chance to be chatty with the guests. I think Kelsey's oyster was elevated because the sauce she made was a "nage" with elements of mignonette, hot sauce, and pickled watermelon rind. I also think her dish did a good job of setting the tone for the party, light and refreshing party food. The other dishes-little shrimp roll was my least favorite, I don't like mayo in the sun. The fried fish looked light and flaky, maybe because it was not sitting?

And then the watermelon salad-tied it all together. A nice mix of lighter and heavier dishes. And even if the jiggle juice was not to Padma's liking-it definitely loosened up the partygoers. In contrast,the blue team did not seem like a cohesive menu.

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Boring shrimp pop. I don't want any kind of mayo on my taco on the boat in the sun and it was a big taco. I don't want a dumpling in soup in a boat in the sun. The fried fish looked kind of heavy and compact.


And the porchetta I love pork, love porchetta I'm not sure how to fix the porcetta-I know sometimes people take porcetta and then turn it into a delicious messy sandwich? Maybe if he'd done that mini-sized it would have a been a rich and delicious treat? Or I'd rather have my pork on a stick and my shrimp loose! Just seemed like a hot, heavy menu to me. Also, it seemed like the blue team saw the fun element of the green team, and then choked and couldn't figure out their own way.

Their food didn't really go with a tiki theme.


If they wanted to do elevated dining, why not go with a white theme and serve a champagne cocktail? Again, be yourselves, be true to your food. I don't personally think a houseboat party lends itself to elegance, but if they didn't want to cook casual food Jeez folks, its a cooking show and yet we've had to deal with Me Too scandals, a suicide of a celebrity chef, and now the passing of dear Fatima at age Oh, also-it was pretty lucky the way the teams broke out. Imagine if Sarah had been trying to push jiggle juice on the Blue team? Or if Brian was all bent on making porchetta on the other boat?

Puppy Chow is common in the Midwest but it's made with chocolate and peanut butter and looks like kibble. The kind Kelsey made didn't look at all familiar nor did it look like puppy chow. There are lots of recipes for the Midwest version on line. I'd like to try to make a version of it--without the bananas. Finally, I can't help but wonder If so, how was it handled?

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Luckily or editor-monkey-thanks , Adrienne had already detailed her dish and they'd bought the ingredients and Eddie made it and the judges liked it. Would she have been given a pass? My guess is they wouldn't have released her to go lie down while they were eliminating someone so that was kind of a giveaway for me.

I don't remember a contestant being almost completely out of it but she got lucky that it happened during a group challenge. I wonder what would have happened during an individual challenge. As for releasing her, I'm pretty sure they brought her back up for the elimination part. When looking for the best one, bigger is not better.

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Ripe zucchinis are firm to the touch with no apparent blemishes or rot spots. A zucchini with the stem still firmly attached will last longer. Avocados are perfect for a short window.

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  • 1. Opt for the best apples!

To pick the best one, feel it in your hand. A ripe avocado should be just the right mix of soft and hard, yielding to pressure when gently squeezed. Store avocados at room temperature unless you find yours ripening too quickly. If you notice it getting too soft too fast, put it in the fridge to slow the ripening process. Buy strawberries in season. The best way to ensure your strawberries taste delicious is to buy them in-season.

Strawberries purchased in January have traveled farther, making them more expensive and prone to rotting faster. When choosing your carton, look for bright red berries with vibrant green stems. Generally speaking, the smaller the strawberry, the sweeter it is.

If you can smell that delicious strawberry scent, then you probably have a good batch. Blueberries can be dark blue or black. Also, inspect your container carefully for rotten or squishy berries as these can ruin the rest of the bunch. Refrigerate your blueberries, and enjoy within 10 days of purchase. Source a superior pineapple. The most important thing to remember is that the color of a pineapple does not hint at the ripeness.

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Look for pineapples with fresh, stiff leaves and firm exteriors. Also, give your pineapple a good whiff to check for sweetness. Always store uncut pineapples at room temperature and only refrigerate them after cutting. Squeeze your mango. For mangoes, the feel of the fruit is a better way to determine ripeness than the color.

Give your potential mango a little squeeze.

Just like with peaches and avocados, mangoes get soft as they ripen. The stem ends may also have a slightly sweet aroma.



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